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Want to Change our Community?

Connect Entrepreneurs to Industry Leaders

"Startup 48 is probably the best way to propel your idea from a dream into reality in just a weekend's time. It's fun meeting other people who are just as passionate about their ideas and incredibly valuable to get the feedback of experienced business owners." 

--Justin Vajko

Cultivate Our Entrepreneurial Community

"I never met any of the guests until the night of and when choosing a team it felt very natural and the energy was electric. great learning experience." 

-- Kimberly Williams

Encourage the Next Wave of Business Owners

"If you would like to experience the fun & intensity of working in a startup under unpredictable circumstances then by default startup 48 is the event for you." 


--Paul Kennings

Promote Our Community's Resources

"I went into Start-Up 48 with just an idea I was passionate about. Throughout the weekend I gained a team, as well as a tremendous amount of knowledge from all the mentors. Leaving the weekend I had a minimal viable project, and all the tools to make my idea a reality. Couldn't be happier and more thankful for all the support we gained in just one weekend. It's an amazing event." 

-- Sean O'Brien

Empower our Entreprenuers  

Startup 48 is an annual event that is organized by a team of volunteers and relies on your support to continue providing high quality, impactful programs that support entrepreneurs and connect them to the resources in in our community. 

In Person

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